He's leaving for some girl who can give him a green card for Canadian citizenship. I'm devastated but supportive of his decision. How should I handle?

I understand he's doing this for better opportunities abroad. I tell him we should go our separate ways. But every now and then he texts me so we could spend time. Sometimes i feel like it's going to be okay but the idea of him leaving me for another woman for a Canadian pass is softly killing me inside. I feel like a rag. I know i deserve better. But i love him so much I just want him to be happy. What's the best way to move on?
  • I block his number
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  • Just ignore his calls and texts
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  • Blocking the number is the best option, if your cell phone supports that option.

  • lol report him to immigration services! That is illegal to marry someone for citizenship here in Canada!

    • Hi anonymous, it know it is illegal but... I really don't want to ruin his hopes on going to Canada :)

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