I have decided that since I am so beyond desperate for a boyfriend.

he can even.. cheat like not cheat I would like to know if he's hooking up with other girls like as long as he tells me.. then I'll be totally cool with it like an open relationship for him

and before you ask if I have any self respect ... in all honesty I used to like I did care about myself at some point but then this whole situation with the guy and his pregnant girlfriend.. made me just totally not care anymore I mean she can go get pregnant and he'll stay and he cheats on her and she stays.. how come I can't get pregnant and stay with a guy who cheats on me I mean at least I won't be alone


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  • You shouldn't want to be with a guy that cheats on you!

  • wats wrong wit you!

    • I'm 19 I have never had a boyfriend and my life is falling apart because of it I just want a baby and a boyfriend

    • Er I think you're being a bit rash on this. You should settle down and take a moment to re-evaluate your life and figure things out. Throwing a baby into the mix will not help things at all. Itll only make things worst times 10...

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