Ways to break up with someone?

If you couldn't get in contact with the person you've been seeing for a year now and things started to change (lack of communication/them only coming to see you late at night once a few weeks - and it was never like that before) would you write them a letter telling them how you feel? As high school as it may sound, I need closure and have a lot on my chest that I need to get off but I rarely hear from them anymore...


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  • Write to him
    Best idea

    • Do you really think this is a good idea? I'm really hurt and it's gotten to the point where I can't seem to think straight without him being on my mind. I can't even sleep well at night. I've been crying for days and I really DO need closure.

    • It's definitely a great idea
      Write the letter say everything that's inside u
      The only way to stop obsessing over him is by making new friends, new people will help u keep your mind off him and ull start seeing the world in a new manner

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  • I'd let it naturally dissolve.


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  • let him know it isn't working out.