GUYS-Have you ever called a girl, left a message, then not returned her call?

Not returned her call after she calls you back, and you didn't answer so she left a voice mail, but you never returned the call back?

And why?

Let me clarify- He called ME and got my voice mail, said Hi on it, I called him back 2 weeks later, got his voice mail, and said hi. He never called me back. I don't know why he called me in the first place.


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  • Well, he could have not gotten it, that IS possible. My phone is evil and loves to play tricks on me. But, if you just called to inform him of something, something that didn't need a response, then there would be no reason to call back you know?

    Or... maybe he doesn't want to talk to you... but its probably that informative thing.

    • Well he is just a friend, yes there is chemistry there as well but HE called ME after not hearing from him for 8 months.I had never bothered him. He plays this game withme, calls after a few months, then talks to me for months at a time, then He called, got my voicemail, said Hi, I called him back 2 weeks later, got his voicemail, said Hi, but he never returned my call. I was returning HIS call, I guess I should have told everyone this.

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  • A few months back, I joined a dating site (Plenty of Fish). As soon as I posted a profile, I was literally inundated with messages from women, and I thus went into a dating frenzy of sorts. I suggest you do the same thing, and you'll no longer give a second thought one guy not returning a phone call.

    • HHMMMMMMMMM... this must be your dating sites photo?????;)

    • LOL. It's actually one of two. Apparently in my age range, there is some vast shortage of vertical male specimens, and my popularity was thus influenced. Yet the fact remains there are huge numbers of single people out there, who want to put an end to it. I never knew the exent of it til my foray to the dating site. Check it out.

  • If he's not dead, or in a vegetative state, don't give him another thought, as he's clearly an emotional misfit who should be cast from our midst.


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