Ex started talking with me again.

OK so I dated this girl for around two months. After a while I had to break up with her because she was becoming WAY too needy, and liked to get angry at me for things like not answering my cell phone in the computer lab with no reception. Anyways she was totally devastated by the break up (I felt bad about it and tried to be as nice as possible about it - sort of a fail) Anyways its been about two months and now out of the blue she's started talking with me again. I like hanging out with her, we have a lot of going rock climbing or snowboarding or whatever, but I think she still likes me and I don't really want to encourage those feelings and have to hurt her again. Its getting sort of out of hand... she's trying to talk to me everyday and almost try and keeps asking me to hang out. I kinda keep pushing it off... I don't know what to do. Any help would be appreciated.


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  • thats hard. I guess just keep being honest to her without being too mean lol. tell her you still want to hang out but you don't have romantic feelings for her anymore.

    good luck !

    • Lol already made that point a few weeks ago... apparently it failed to strike home. lol

    • Aha yeah I guess you have to keep trying ot just stop having contact altogether is it continues.

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