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My ex girlfriend has been horrible to me since we broke up 4 months ago even though it's been over for that long she has come and gone out of my life whenever she has pleased and she has done some pretty fucked up things to me aswel she's become this person that I never thought she would and it hurts to see her like this. She has a new boyfriend aswel now who she isn't even happy with and he treats her like shit she even came to me a couple of weeks back asking for me back and I took her back and now she's fucked me off again for this other guy again... I was with her for 3 years and all I have done is be there for her even after Everything and what she has put me through. She is a really bad person now she has no self respect or respect for me and o think she's taken me for granted but what I don't undestand is why am I waking up everyday feeling like she's gotten the better outcome with this I know it sounds silly to say but she's moved on even if she's not happy she's with someone every night and I'm just here thinking what I've done wrong it feels like I'm never gonna move on from her and I'm just waiting around for her to come back when things turn to shit with this other guy and it sucks I'm constantly thinking about her and I wish it would just all stop because she's a horrible person right now and I wanna move on from her


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  • Wow, I couldn't of said it better, I hate my ex friend, it's like it's similar to ur situation what I've managed to do is just don't think about him.. I know deep down he's full of shot, so I just think of how he screws me over, and for 3 years I let him get away with cause I fancied him.. But I won't any more.. I think of the piece of shut he truly was towards me and wish him the best each time I think of him... I don't wanna hate anyone so I wish him well, but I could of went the rest of my life not meeting such a user... SMH. Place her in this perspective and before u know it you won't even remember her name


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