NC but pregnant?

My ex and I are having NC at present, we broke up a week ago. He knew I was pregnant and considering a termination, when it came to it though I couldn't go through with it. Should I message him to say I couldn't go through with it?


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  • How was it conceived. Was it an accident, failed b. c. no condom, planned (parenthood, oops my bad, too soon?). um, it really depends on how it was conceived. Why should men have to pay for a baby, they never meant to have? And that's what you'd take him to court for, to let the court decide it


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  • Being he is the father of your blessed event that you have decided to keep, yes, let him know what you have decided. He may eventually have a change of Big heart and want you share with you in being Part... Of the bough that that may bond you both here, dear.
    He most likely is scared right now, he has a lot to absorb and was just trying to find a way to bail out.
    Perhaps being apart, taking this time, it will give you both now a chance to see where this is going to go and maybe even end up where you can become this team again and Become... Team mates with these dates.
    Good luck and blessings. xx


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