How can I stop dreaming about him?

I keep having dreams where I see my ex. The last one was a vacation, he was suppose to come, never showed and at the end he was there but I kept hearing him say "I don't care". I dislike having dreams about him. I watch movies, read books I do anything to have a normal night sleep and yet he keeps coming. How can I stop this?


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  • Get over him

    • I am getting over him. Just what things can I do to not have another dream

    • Well unless you learn how to control your dreams which is really hard u can't because it's how Ur brain expresses itself

    • control your dreams = lucid dreaming
      if you can get the hang of it, woohoo, you can change him into a zebra. yay!

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  • Dreams usually or at least said to show repressed thoughts or feelings. I think some of this is true. It could be that the reason your still dreaming about him. Is your still not over him.
    You dream he doesn't show up and when he does at last he doesn't seem to care. This could be your subconscious wanting him back or missing him. But you know he doesn't care or doesn't want to.
    I'm sure the dreams change but are you dreaming of you both together? Or him coming to you for any reason? You could just subconsciously miss him. And even if you don't feel emotionally like you miss him. Your mind is not used to him not being around anymore
    Keeping busy is good but it's also like denial your not taking the time to think about things and those things end up playing out in your subconscious or sleep. Take some time to think about some things and then keep busy like you already are or do things that are more physically exhausting. Run or excersice. Reading books is good but try mentally exhausting yourself as well. Do hard puzzles or something to get you completely exhausted.
    Goodluck though

    • yeah, try learning html5 or some sort of programming language, or do some math, or analyse modern art for a good few hours. you'll have dreams of them instead. more precisely, nightmares.

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  • try to focus on other things or make new friends


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