Guys, HELP!!! What does this mean: everything happens for a reason but sometimes the reason is people are stupid and make bad decisions?

A little background information: this was posted by my ex's sister (which never comes online or post anything).
My ex and I hang out and act like a couple when we're together but aren't a couple yet.

I'm wondering what this is supposed to mean and who It's directed towards?


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  • this is a very confusing question with your explanation. I will just answer everything happens for a reason. THAT is true and nothing more needed to explain that hopefully. far as people making stupid decisions is also true.
    if someone is making a poor decision and try to force a situation then that is happening for a reason. and usually something is not meant to be.

    for a reason.

    why is common sense so hard for some?

    • I don't know because not everyone acts rational all the time

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  • As to what it means... It is pretty self-explanatory isn't it?

    As to whom it is directed towards... How the fuck should I know? It is likely it has nothing to do with you though.

    • What do you mean it has to do with one of us, he's other sister used to do things like this

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    • No I love his family

    • Maybe you should just ask her about it?

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