I broke up with my girlfriend?

i broke up with my girlfriend becuase she was draining me of all my money and never appreciated anything, everything was always about her and i kinda felt like i never had a say in anything no matter what, she was always telling me ways i should have done something and how i did something wrong, she would text guys all the time that were supposedly "friends". it started out really awesome but the more comfortable she got the less i did, i was literally stressed out all the time i wasn't spending any time with my firends because if i did i would be afraid of what she would think or do, if things werent planned out perfectly or if i was wrong about something she would get intensly mad about it, i broke up with her and felt almost immediate relief, she didn't hesistate to change her relationship status on facebook almost immediatley after and she deleted all of our posts together on instagram, but now its thenite after and im kinda feeling bummy like i want to tell her im missing her but i know i can't because ijust know that if i end up with her again i simply will not be happy, do you guys have any suggestions as to how i can just fight through the urge to talk to her and move on?

i also tried my hardest to try and make it work but it never seemed like it was going to get better


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  • What you are going through is completely normal. You were with her and it can be tough to now not be with her. However, you need to remind yourself of the reasons why you left the relationship.

    It was draining, she was costing you a lot of money, she was talking to other guys which made you feel uncomfortable. You felt you couldn't see your friends. There are lots of reasons why you left the relationship.

    Sometimes we date people, and it turns out they are not a good match for us. That is exactly what it sounds like happened with you and her. It's okay to miss her. But if you know that you won't be happy with her, then you can't go back.

    Try to hang out with friends, do things to keep you busy and just try and realize that eventually these feelings will pass.


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  • How can you fight that urge to talk to her? By remembering how. much of a boat anchor she was around your neck!

    I was in a similar situation a lot of years ago. She would get a job, then find a way to end it within a month or so, then go through that same process over and over. Frankly, I have no idea how I was able to make it through that year and a half, paying all the rent, utilities, a car payment and feeding her, her two kids, and me, as well as paying child support to my ex.

    She and I would get into arguments (unfortunately starting around 10 or so at night), usually about sex. After the 4th or 5th one in 2-3 months, I felt like enough was enough. When the lease was up, I told her I was buying a house and she wasn't part of the plan to live there.

    Remember what she has done to you, especially how you felt with her. Think about how much $$ she cost you. Think about that and hopefully that will severely curb any desires to talk or get back with her.


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  • Sounds like you did the right thing. Ms. GOLDIGGER doesn't sound like the right one. You need a woman who can provide with you. She is going to have many issues with being independent

  • I was in the same position you were and trust me, it's really hard. But first think about this.. Do you miss HER, the girl that completely controlled you? Or do you miss the OLD girl that she was before she turned into this? It'd hard moving on, but keep telling yourself, later on, you're gonna find another girl soo much better & you're gonna be glad you let this one go. There's nothing no one can really do to help, Only one is you & It's not gonna change in a day or two. It took me three months. It takes time, but I hope it gets better oh & trust me , IT WILL GET BETTER. Maybe not now or tomorrow but it will.


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