An ex who stares almost constantly, and it's ANNOYING. Why does he do this?

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I have an ex that works in a place that deals with people everyday. So as a worker, it's common for them to be helpful, nice, greet customers, etc. I rarely come into this place unless I have to; usually only for photos or if I need something urgently (as this place is 24hrs). When I come in, no matter who I am with, it could be my fiancé, or with friends but they'll always tell me the same thing; "he's checking you out," or "he keeps looking at you," etc. I'll catch him looking at me and it's annoying. We've been apart for almost five years now. And on top of that HE'S the one who suddenly broke it off with me, leaving me quite devastated for about a year. No matter where we are, if I come to his job, or somehow cross paths outside of his work place it's always the same. CONSTANT STARING. When I go to pay for my things, he can't even treat me like a regular customer. Seriously? I'm so over him and I'm glad I'm not with a loser like him anymore, but why all the damn staring? He Made it apparent after we broke up that it was over. He had multiple flings right after we broke up, and eventually had a kid and got married. So why now does he act like this? Staring, acting too shy to even acknowledge me as a customer, just being weird. I'm so over him, I'd just like to know what other people think about this. Being stared at is always uncomfortable and weird. But why from an ex that is supposedly over me?

Thanks all


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  • He want some your attention. Don't give it to it


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