Is she still loves me?

Hello all, I just had a date with my ex girlfriend after 2 weeks no contact. We hang out 3 days together (no conversation relate to break up) and she sometimes talked about old things when we were together. She said she is going to visit me again this month (we are in long distance) and we have planned the trip for next month.

Just so you know:
- She dumped me the reason was her feeling has changed (I assumed it from long distance)
- We were together almost 5 years
- During no contact sometimes she texted me, also after the trip she sometimes text me.

What should I do, I really want to get her back - if I can win her back I plan to move near her.
Ask girl if I ask her for another chance on next month do you think I still have a chance?

Thank for all responses!


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  • Do you see her on whaatsapp in late times? Like 1-4 am?

    • she rarely use her social media... like sometimes I saw her offline almost 6-8 hours once I message her she suddenly replied me back. She only use facebook just to post some picture and check-in - we are still in relationship on facebook as well.

    • Just ask for 1 last date and in that date tell her how much you love her and she means a lot to you and if you want this girl become your wife then propose to her in that date if she refused then move on

    • Thanks for your reply, I have planned on next coming trip - will do some surprise which I have been preparing for a month and see what will happen...

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