😭 I had prepared a surprise for her?

I had prepared a surprise for her! it was her birthday. I made special cake for her. n She was my best friend. We met in 2010. She wanted to be a novelist. She had argued in a previous birthday with her mother say that because I'm a ridiculous promise. I apologize to her. Then we talk any more about this. It was our first year and a happier relationship. This year her birthday when we did such a surprise. But to me she was acting distance is 1 month. And she turned me back to the door of the house. I call my week with better. She turned me with cake and gift in my hand. I shut up because it was her birthday. But we discussed the next day. She blamed me for what happened last year. And said he wanted to end our friendship. then he prevented me from facebook. I do not believe it?


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  • Obviously she doesn't know a good man when she has one. You are the ideal man for most women and women like her who blame everyone else for her problems won't learn than love is hard to find until she ends up with a man who can't even provide her with half of the time and effort you put into her. It's sad.

    • I don't understand why she doing this?

    • Some women don't notice or appreciate what they have until it's gone

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  • What are you waiting for just move on


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