I cheated.

So I was at this party and there was alcohol involved. I was helping this girl up the stairs to use the bathroom then at the top she turned around and kissed me. I didn't push her off as soon as her lips touched mine like I should have. But I told my girlfriend right away and now she won't give me the time of day. Although she did come over to talk with me about it in person and we came to the agreement that we both want this to workout between, because we want to spend the rest of our lives together. and last night we had a good talk thru texting we were finally communicating again but now today she is giving me sh*t and making me feel bad all over again (I was feeling better because we finally talked).

Is she over-reacting? Am I under-reacting? (it was just one kiss)

She also said I need to figure out how to make it right, but she also said it will take time for her to trust me again. So I don't know how to make it right, right now. I still love her with all of my heart and want to be with her forever.

also if you were cheated on by your boyfriend and you to stayed together, how did you make it work? thanks

Any Advice is welcome


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  • You're 19 and want to spend teh rest of you life with this person? Really? I doubt that. Sure you may think that...but I bet your on this site in less than 2 years talking about other girls.

    Also, you said you had a good talk thru texting. Really? I doubt that too. Texting is not communicating. If you want to have a good talk -- face to face bro. Texting is easy. If you want to overcome some fears and become a stronger person in life -- do things that make you uneasy and make hard choices...I promise you that it will only benefit you later in life.

    And I agree - she is milking it and being childish

    • I do want to spend my life with her.

      and we can't talk in person right now because we are extremely busy with school and work and she also has basketball right now so texting is how we can talk right now

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    • Not everyone gets divorced ik the statistics aren't that high for us to stay together our whole life but I honestly want to. you can go judge someone else's life

    • Just being honest. You're 19. Why would you wnat to even consider spending the rest of your life with somebody right now? You're still a kid. Wait til you've lived a little.....in fact come back here and say the same thing about the same girl in 3 years.

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  • i partially agree with outofmyelement, I think she's milking it. I'm sure it hurt at first, and that's why her initial reaction was to be left alone and anger towards you. but it's not that bad. her demanding you to do something to make it better it B.S., no matter what you do it won't be enough, she'll just keep bringing it up whenever she gets mad at you or wants something from you. like element said, just tell her that what happened happened and there's nothing that can change that, and that you are truly sorry. perhaps buy her flowers or something.


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  • She's jerking you around, and she's over-reacting. I call her bluff. Tell her you screwed up you're sorry, but there's no way to undo something that's already happened. Tell her sorry, but you're not going live like this. She can be mature and put it behind her. Or, she can throw away someone that truly loves her. Lay the guilt trip on her.

    It was just a kiss why did you even tell her?

    • I told her because after it I felt like sh*t even tho I didn't initaite it

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