Would it be bad if my ex popped up to me, and then I pretend I don't know her?

We were in a relationship for 3 months and she told me a lot of secrets, but going to the breakup, she said I really knew nothing about her


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  • You call her your ask and you were dating are only 3 months. Of course you don't know anything about her and being under 18 and thinking you know about her even though you think she told you everything is a very immature way to look at this. 3 months of seeing someone is a nonrelationship. She told you, what ever she told you was not so secretive if she told it to you within 3 months. You interpreted it as all kinds of secrets and being close and having this tight relationship. She told you what you thought was significant but what she thought was safe.

    • Your wrong in a way because I've seen her around before we were in a relationship... and when we were in a relationship, I went to see her almost every day and we always talked about stuff... and her secrets are VERY personal, like the few secrets she would only share with a therapist or a best friend. She even told me our relationship was elevating really fast. You're right, pretending that I don't know her is quite immature, but that's what she said, said I don't know her that well. Even though I kind of do. If she decides to speak to me again, I'll probably pretend she's a stranger to me

    • Pretending that she's a stranger is in itself immature. Telling secrets as facts is not sharing. It's describing. You don't know what you talking about you are too young. I refuse to continue this conversation. Sorry you are classic kid who bats away explanations rather than think about the explanation.

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