Erasing texts from someone else's phone?

I know there are apps like Wiper, but I think you may need to install it first before you can erase other people's texts. My problem is, my ex texted me a month ago and wanted to patch things up. I told him i had a new boyfriend, but he continued to contact me and basically I became confused for a couple of weeks about whether to return to him and break up with my current boyfriend. After giving it careful thought, I met with my ex and told him that I love my boyfriend and that I choose to stay with him. He became very upset and angry and said that he would find out my bf's identity and show him our text conversation. There is no way my boyfriend would be happy to know that I was questioning continuing the relationship, and I'm sure he would end it with me if he saw the texts. I realise that this post invites comments from people telling me I deserve it, I'm a b*tch, ho, blah blah blah. I don't really care about anyone's opinion on that. I just would like to see if somebody can pls offer me advice on how to delete the text conversation in my exes phone (iPhone 4, I think). I don't have wiper or ansa installed, so am wondering even if i did install such an app can it remove texts prior to having the app installed? Would really appreciate any technical support with this, thanks.


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  • It depends on your ex. If it's that important to him, he may have backed them up somewhere, like transferring them to his computer. Most likely he hasn't, but you probably know if he's tech savvy enough to do that.

    I doubt very much that you can do anything without hacking his phone directly. Do NOT succumb to blackmail of any sort. I think this is all just a macho threat.

    Rule 1: Always be careful as to what leaves your phone. You never know where they will end up. Worst case is nudes with visible faces.


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  • Why can't you just be honest with your boyfriend about what was going on? How would you feel if this happened with him behind your back? I feel like he should know your ex was contacting you and I don't understand why you didn't say something to him in the first place.

    However I know nothing about an app that can delete texts from someone else's phone - that sounds like a huge invasion of privacy


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  • In short, no u can't do it unless u have physical access to the phone or u know how to inject malware and then hijack his phone


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