Hard time getting over her, please help ?!

I miss my ex like crazy and I'd do anything to be with her again, we broke up because of constant arguing but I've changed now but she only wants to be friends, and she is dating some else now is there anyone who has had a good experience of getting their girlfriend back even if they were dating someone ?

I'm now friends with her but my feelings for her are the same


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  • My husband and I have broke up about 6 months ago. I have field for divorce. He and I talked a lot he told me that he changed and loved me, I did not care! But now he is with someone new and I wish I would have gave him another chance. Its to late now he slept with her and she is like 5 weeks pregnant. So maybe if you move on but not to the extreme, just talk to other girls or even date just maybe she will get the jealous bug too! Good luck

  • I was the girlfriend in the situation and I believe that yes guys can change but when I was in that situation it was really hard to make my mind up. what were the arguments about? is she the jealous type? have you cheated on her? after answering these questions I could help you more.

    • I'd love to share extra details but in private email me if you can

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