Is it normal to still be thinking about ex 5-6months after breakup?

Please tell me I'm not the only one :( I haven't found someone else maybe that's why? Hurts to know they haven't even contacted even once following the break up


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  • Well it all depends how it happened. Because i found my exwife and i gues her new boyfriend that i had no idea about in the same room. And believe i am never contacting her. So if is bot your case at least a call once in a while would be nice


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  • you are not the only one because im in the exact same situation as you
    Like for me aswell, he was the different then all the rest, maybe his personality got me badly.
    It also kills me now to know that he doesn't care about me anymore and i am here dying for him remmebering his love memories even after 5/6 months without contact.
    I also haven't found someone else because i dont care about any other guys then him which is why im still single.

    • I dont think i am not waiting for him because i know that he won't be coming back which is why I call myself widowed. i can't fall in love ever again with any guys. because im scared of love and scared of falling for one. I rejected few guys already. im still not moved on. i wonder how will we move on?

    • i feel the EXACT same way. I can't get him out of my head. I try and he just comes back... its so hard. And I have not contacted him either but sometimes i look at his instagram and stuff and I see him liking other girls pics and everything and it makes me jealous... I don't know what to do. can i message u?

    • Omydays girl!!! we got same story. He used to tell me that instagram is waste of time and too bait.
      And guess what? after we brokeup. 2/3 months later.. i somehow found out he made a new instagram. and now im stalking his instagram only. It hurts me to see that jerk is followig a lot of girls on his instgram which makes me mad. and yeah sure u can :)

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  • It's normal. Was he your first boyfriend? If so, it's hard to forget our first. It's normal to miss him & you will find someone els :)

    • No he wasn't my first but I miss him a lot sometimes. It hurts to know how quickly he got over me and how he doesn't even care. Still hurts. I pretend it doesn't sometimes.

    • Maybe he was the first you really liked.

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