I can't get over my ex please help?

Its been 5 months and Im still missing him. I suffer from depression too so it doesn't help to be always feeling down. I dont know what I can do...


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  • what are you afraid of? just take a step forward to be happy. if you want to start fresh, you must deal with the source of the problem and cut it off. suffering is simply because you don't want to forgive yourself and let it go. I know you missing him, but you the only person who will set you free. I don't what a happened, but you stop living in the past.

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    • Thanks, your advice is amazing. You seem like a well grounded person. Is it ok if I message you to ask for more tips?

    • No problem.
      you welcome.

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  • I would talk to a professional about your depression. They can likely help you with your ex as well.

    • I've been going to counselling. I'm going to start taking medications cuz Im going crazy. I dont know what to do

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