Could he really be sick?

we've been talking a lot more for the past 4 months and last Saturday he said he wanted to webchat sometime with me and even texted me for 3 days all night when he was at work, and even called me when he was at work, he works graveyard shift. He asked me to send him pictures of me and he sent me 2 pictures of him and that was last Saturday. Usually he texts and calls me on Tuesday or Wednesday on his day off but he didn't. So I texted him on Thursday to ask if he was ok because he was saying he has been feeling very depressed. He texts back in 25 minutes saying "yea just laying in bed sick" so I text him back saying "good, I was just worried about ya, well I'll let you get back to your rest, hope you feel better k :)" And that was it.

DO you think he is really sick or he might just not want to talk to me anymore? Because in the past he would talk to me regulary then stop out of nowhere. But I just blocked him, so I don't have to put up with this anymore :'(


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  • Having major depression myself I can tell you that it can make one totally unfunctional. It also makes one totally unreliable so in my experience yes its possible

  • May be he is sick, but he could also be making it up so can't say for sure.


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