Turn into a stupid giggling mess everytime I'm around my ex boyfriend?

To be fair, he just looks amused and smiles at me. But at the end of the day, I'm still kinda hurt. I know he's talking to other girls and even liking their pictures on Facebook too - he is allowed of course - I guess I'm still not 100% over him.

Seriously though, if he catches me unaware especially, I'll just beam at him and my whole face will light up. He looks at me as if 'you're one crazy lady' but usually he'll smile right back. I could feel miserable inside, but I still end up smiling right at him :S confuses me.

Why am is this always my reaction, especially when I feel so hurt inside?
I guess I sound like a fool for asking this... but oh well, what can you do?


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  • you still love him


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