Who really split up with who here? Easy Q I guess?

So, say he gives her a choice: to drop the argument or it's done. She doesn't take heed to this and chooses to keep arguing despite his warning.

As promised, they break up and she doesn't do anything to try and patch it up at that moment in time.

Who really split with who?
  • He split with her
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  • She split with him
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  • Mutual
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  • This is really dependant on the situation, like if it's something the woman has every right to talk (argue) about he split up with her (my answer), but on the other hand if it was just some simple argument that she could have easily dropped and in anger or otherwise didn't stop and didn't try to reconcile she did (though if this were the case I feel like there would have had to have been many arguments like this for him to be as hasty to say they would break up over it).

    • You hit the nail right on the head! It was a recurring thing... that I could quite easily have dropped and chose not to, and we had loads of arguments just like this.

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