Turn into a 15 year-old girl everytime I'm around my ex boyfriend...😳?

He's 30, I'm 22. We split up in June, and even though it's been months, I'm still pretty cut up about it.

Recently, we've been getting on a tiny bit. He's been talking to other girls and all the rest, which is his right. But I guess it's just been getting me down a little knowing he's really moving on.

Despite feeling so hurt and almost angry at him, anytime I see him, my whole face lights up and I just beam at him happily.

I feel like in falling apart inside when I do see him, so I don't get why I get so uncontrollably smiley. He smiles back to be fair, looking kind of amused/surprised really.

I just don't get it I guess. Why does this always happen?


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  • Yeah that's normal. It's really hard to move past someone you have had deep feelings for

    • Thanks :) he seems to manage to stay in control all the same haha

    • Yeah I'm still trying to get past this girl. Even though I've dated other girls since her.

    • Yep, there's always one we struggle to get over!

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  • You really like him!

    I think you need to slap yourself in the face :(
    to wake up.

    • I really do to be honest :/ he's hurt me so much and all I can do is smile at him, I just don't get it. It's not like me either to be honest.

    • You're in love with the idea of him , not who he really is.
      You need to constantly remind yourself why things ended.

    • Ok, thank you... I do remind myself as much as I can!

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  • Just sounds like you may really like it even be in love with him. It's normal.

    • Normal... even after all those months? I need to get it under control somehow...😳 He's bound to notice haha

    • Why do you need to hide what your feeling

    • Because, I don't think he loves me anymore, and I guess I'm scared he thinks I'm weird for still having feelings for him.

  • Not cool to hang around your ex, think about it this way, what if you had a new boyfriend, would you want him hanging around, I don't think your boyfriend would

    • No I'm not hanging around or with him... he just works in the store where I shop and he usually comes to talk to me when I'm in... and tonight he caught me unaware I guess 😳 But yeah, not as if I'm going out of my way to talk to him!

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    • If he's got a girlfriend, and ur hanging out outside of employee customer relationship then, you're considered the other woman

    • He's not got another girlfriend though... he's just been talking to other girls but not made a proper move on another girl yet...

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