What should I do?

So my ex boyfriend and I broke up 2 ago and we have stayed in touch and he occasionally invites me to see his family and hang out. During the weekend he told me he was sorry for everything he has done. We are currently talking about our dogs as they live with him and i said i will take them to the vet to get checked. He has been flirty on and off in messages and he sent a "x" at the end of one of his messages last week. I still do have strong feelings for him but we dont talk about our emotions towards each other at all. I'm going to drop some stuff off at his house tonight for the dogs and im wanting to talk to him about us. Should i say something?


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  • If this relationship is truly important to you, then you should talk about it. It seems that he still has feelings for you, so I think a discussion is a good idea. Don't take him completely by surprise, as he might clam up, but definitely talk about your relationship.

    • Could i drop a few hint and see if he is intrested in someone? Or just basically just ask what the go between us is?

    • You can drop a couple of hints to test the water, but try not to be too ambiguous when you actually talk to him about your relationship.

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