Girls, Do Aquarius girls take a guy back after they dumped him?

Im asking aqaurius girls, do you give guys a second chance after you've dumped them? Im not relying on zodiac signs, but im interested to know, cause it says that they are usually one and dones, and there is no turning back, mainly because they are stubborn, and if you, after how long did you give him a second or even third chance, what did he do that made you reconsider, are you still together? Tell me about your experience.
Would you give your first love another chance?


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  • The part about being stubborn is so true. I have only looked back once and I closed that chapter for good.

    • So it didn't end well? What made you look back?

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  • It would depend on what the reason for me dumping them was but usually if I break up I break up for a good reason so I probably wouldn't.

    • She broke up with me because i tried to take it to the next level before she was ready

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    • Well in that case there's not much you can do.

    • True, she did give me a chance but i blew it

  • depends on why i dumped him. usually when i choose to cut someone off... they stay cut off.

    • Well what if it was because your SO was trying to make it serious before you we're ready?

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    • How long though, caused with this sign, i heard its gonna take a lot of convincing since you guys are stubborn

    • I don't know man! its all kind of bs

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