Why wasn't I enought?

My wife and I had been together married for about 3 years but the sum total 7 years. I just don't know how you can walk away so easily from someone you love like she did.

Its a burdon to me right now wondering if she is okay or not. I've had my confidence shot and future dreams shattered. This isn't recent it happened in August. I'm just going threw some emotions and need to talk them threw. I feel so much anger but still love this person and its driving me crazy. I want to hate her for this. I want this pain to stop.


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  • I completely understand my husband is doing that to me right now I mean he went out to fucking strip clubs and did whatever he wanted to do and got girls numbers and he's blaming everything on me and now we r talking about a divorce and I feel I'm not good enough for him either! I don't think there's any cure nor is there an easy way to get over these feelings :(

    • That is so messed up. What a jerk!

    • I work so hard so she barely had to provided s nice life took care of things when they needed to be I only asked for time with her which I didn't get I was getting replaced by a video game and dinner every once and awile I don't know what went wrong

    • I'm in the same situation almost completely he has more value for his video games and his friends over me and my daughter and he feels I bother him too much and all I ever ask for is his time and I don't ask for materialistic things at all... maybe they aren't good people to begin with I don't know

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  • Dinner every once and while that's deal breaker


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