Why do guys break up with girls?

Besides the obvious:

the girl is a loser (and they find that out later), the girl cheats, or the girl is in some way abusive, what are some other reasons guys break up with girls?

I actually do not want to have kids though... that's the truth.


Most Helpful Guy

  • If a girl says she never wants to have kids we pretty much grow apart in the next three minutes.

    • But a lot of guys DONT want kids...

    • Well if a girl says she never wants to have kids just because she thinks that's what I want to hear, then all I can say to that is... manipulation can backfire.

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  • Just when our lives are no longer compatible on a certain level. Really there are only a couple deal breakers like her cheating, her moving away, or her just not being who she advertised herself as.


What Girls Said 1

  • If the relationship lasted a long time, a guy will break up for only one reason: Because he doesn't feel like he can make the girl happy anymore.

    All men need to feel adored, and if his woman doesn't seem happy, he will feel unadored.


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