Why would an ex beg you to take them back and then go MIA?


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  • Your ex probably begged you back and maybe you kept saying no to him and he gave up... I don't really know your story because it's not detailed but that might be the case.
    If you still have feelings for him, contact him and see what he has to say, there is still a chance of you two being together if both of you still care.

    • No I was very positive and I told him that we can meet up tomorrow, and he said he would love that and that he will call me tomorrow. Then he never called back. I sent him a text and called him, but he never replied. He is intentionally ignoring me now. It's been 4 days.

    • If he is ignoring you, it's best to just walk away now. After 4 days if he hasn't responded, he will more than likely not respond at all now.

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