Boyfriend broke up with me and I send him some angry texts the night of that I feel bad about now... Should I text him?

So long story short my boyfriend broke up with me after 10 months of being together. he's 21 and im 22. It was his first real relationship and he has committment issues cause his parents are divorced. About 2 months ago he wanted to go on a break because he got scared and he said he was falling in love with me. We reconciled and got back together and everything seemed fine. The only thing is a lot has changed since we first started seeing eachother; when we first started dating he was trying to get in the navy and he was just working somewhere he didn't like and he wasn't active. Now he has a great job that takes up most of his time and is trying to get in good shape is busy with snowboarding and all his friends have come back from school. He told me he wanted to be single and just doesn't want to be in a relationship anymore. I just dont understand because the last times we hung out were amazing and he hung out with his friends all week and i know they influence him so much and they are also all single. I sent him a bunch of texts saying how i deserve better and i wouldve never hurt you the way you hurt me and you lost a good loyal girl because you are too weak... And now i feel bad. I do want him back obviously but i dont want him to feel like he can't come back because i said all these hateful things. I want to apologize but i know he needs space. Im so pathetic.. m


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  • I know how you feel right now. This means that you are not letting your ego get in the way of this situation. Sometimes believe it or not, you must use it... it all really depends on what it is. You showed your pride and dignity the way you responded to him the night with the angry text messages. Now, you are removing all the negative of what was happening with you and him and thinking of the positive, and feeling regretful of what you said to him because of the feelings you still have for him.

    My advice is to let it go for now, if he really loved you he wouldn't do this to you. It's quite obvious and simple. Wait two weeks with no contact and after contact him again and tell him how you feel and what's been going on. Throw him hints that you still want to work things out and if he sticks to what he said before and doesn't want anything at all with you, this time it's BEST to just walk away.


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  • If he left you , yet things were going great then no you shouldn't feel bad at all for what you said ; hell all you did was state the obvious , and what's more it was the truth

  • yes send a text saying i'm sorry. those things i said in moments of extreme anger. please forgive me for those comments


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