Do I need to let go?

During our relationship, we fought quite a bit. We were originally long distance for 5 months, and then I dropped everything in my home town to move to Colorado to be with him. And it was great. Our relationship was great for the first 10 months. Until his ex started interfering with our relationship, flirting with him, everything. But he didn't realize she was doing it. I told him to just not talk to her because she isn't worth the trouble, and even though she messaged me saying she would stop, she didn't. And he was fine with it at first. But then he kept talking to her behind my back. When I found out, I got really mad. And told him to block her from everything because I didn't know what else to do..
Fast forward a couple months, he tells me he isn't happy. He feels like I put him into a box. And has basically put all of the blame and all of our fights on me.. I came home for the holidays, and that's when he broke up with me. He said he wants to be alone. But at the same time, he wants to be with me. He loves me, but he doesn't. He wants to fix this, but he wants to give up. He tells me I should let go, but not to because he doesn't know what he wants.
This is all messing with my head and my heart so badly. I'm so far from him again and I feel so helpless. I've asked him if we can fix it, he's told me no every time because he needs to be alone. I'm way too in love with him. I just need to know.. should I hold onto him and see if this all works out, or try and let go? I want this all to work out so badly.. and my heart just aches to be with him and I feel like I lost the best part of me..
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  • Leave it he should have put your feelings first and not his exes. Maybe he still has feelings for her but it doesn't matter as it didn't sound like you were well matched anyway so just put it down to experience and move on.

  • Just let it go.

    If he does not really know what he wants then you are wasting your time. Either he truly really wants to be with you or he does not. Only he knows for certain and it does seem that he just wants to do his own thing. And he also doesn't seem to even bother to want to fix this relationship that you two have so it's not worth it since he had stopped bothering to even try any more.

    Otherwise set a deadline and see if things can get better within a certain time frame.

    And if things do not improve in ANY way then it's better to ditch him and start looking else where or have some time for yourself to recover emotionally first before going back out there to try again.


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