He's ignoring me, out of the blue?

Everything was going fine and we were getting close again but now he is ignoring me. Just last weekend he was texting me all night. 2 weeks ago h said he loved me and we talked on the phone for hours. So Thurdays I texting him to see if he was ok he just said he was sick. So today I text him asking if he was mad at me and he didn't respond, and one last text saying sorry to bug you I was just worried about you because I haven't heard from you, but if you don't want want talk to me anymore, and this is the last time I bother you k silly, I but silly because that is something we say to each other. But it's been 2 hours and he hasn't responded. I texted him from another number and he responded within 2 minutes, so I know he is just ignoring me.

Why would he act so loving 10 days ago now he ignores me :(


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  • You are ignoring the obvious. If YOU really cared about someone and were in love with them, would you treat them the way he's treating you?

    Wake up darlin. Don't mistake someone's interest in you for valuing you. He obviously doesn't value you, because he's not TREATING you like he values you.

    Forget about what any guy says, and pay attention to how they treat you. If they treat you well and their words match their actions, then they actually care about you. If you are getting mixed signals, then they don't care about you. Stop making this harder or more complicated than it is. It's very clear. You need to 100% remove him from your life and delete any contact with him. Stop wasting time on someone who is treating you like an option instead of a priority.

    • You're very right and I did delete his number and I'm not going to contact him ever again, it just hurts to be treated like this, I'm so heart broken and an emotional mess :'( and thanks for taking the time to help me with my question

    • I'm sorry you are hurt, but I'm also proud of you! It's very hard for us girls to recognize the guys who are not good for us. It took me 4 different guys... treating me just like this... before I realized that I wanted better for myself. It's so easy to think it's something we've done or that perhaps if we stick it out the behavior will change, but that's just not realistic.

      Give yourself time to grieve over the good times you shared with him, but don't spend too much time being sad about losing a guy who treated you like you were just "some girl". You deserve better than that, and you will get it!

    • Thank you very much :) and yeah I think I'm not going to be thinking about getting into any relationships for a while and am just going to heal my broken heart and also work on myself. Again than you for helping me 😊

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  • As a guy who recently went through an experience with a girl who once described me as "wishy washy," might very well now say that I didn't actually care about her, and where there were some glaring parallels to your situation, I'm going to offer another perspective to the first girl commenter below: what could you have done to make him not sure of your interest in him?

    For example, this girl called me wishy washy because I had texted her the night before saying we shouldn't talk anymore. But that was honestly what I thought she needed because she's going through a lot right now. She also got mad at me because I drunkenly ordered her a potato as a gag gift from a gag gift website which happened to arrive on her birthday. Honest to God I thought it would make her laugh because we had joked about that website before. But what I don't think she understood is that I wanted to do more for her birthday, but I was worried it would scare her off because we hadn't been together that wrong. Stupid, maybe. But not uncaring.

    The truth is I would have done anything I could to make her happy and show I cared, I just didn't know what she needed or how to give it to her. Her having a lot of things to deal with didn't help - not that I blame her for those. Just understand some guys just aren't all that good at this, and it's not necessarily because they don't care.

    He may have gotten the idea somehow that you were flaking out on him or not interested.

    • I definitely see where you are coming from, because absolutely a girl needs to be clear about things as well. However, if you REALLY cared about someone or felt like this was THE GIRL, would you not move heaven and earth to make your intentions known to her and find out how she felt about you? Or would you be timid and passive and settle for texts vs. an actual conversation?

      I only ask, because I feel like guys these days are not manning up. They are either shy or timid or test the waters to ensure they don't get rejected, instead of pursuing the girls they really are interested in, with passion.

      My now fiance, pursued me for almost 8 years... before finally just manning up and making his intentions knows. He didn't bother with texting conversations or just assuming things based off of my behavior. He actually engaged in an actual conversation. I honestly had ZERO clue he was into me.. but I sure was happy when I knew! Now we are getting married. He ASKED me what I wanted and needed.

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    • I guess my point is referring to more general rules of thumb, because everyone likes to think they are the exception. I'm sorry that happened to you; she was clearly using you to get through a tough time. Guys definitely need to watch out for those red flags too!! One of my ex boyfriends used me to "get over" a recently called off engagement but he still had feelings for her. It was a hard lesson to learn because, like you, I was there for him during a confusing time in his life. I did everything I could but didn't see or want to acknowledge for myself, that I couldn't change the feelings he had for her.

      In the end, all we can do is be clear with our intentions, and not be afraid to admit the red flags to ourselves. Certainly there will be times when we've done everything right and still get screwed over, but as long as we control OUR behavior and response to life, that's all we can do.

    • @MichelleJustAsking I disagree that she was using me, actually. I mean I could go into detail but the point is I simply don't think that's what happened based on the way a lot of things went. But who knows.

      The thing that's hard to accept during the early stages is that you're not going to be the exception. Without having a talk about commitment and without knowing each other well enough, you just can't be. So the realization of that can be upsetting.

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