My unemployment is becoming an issue, should I just leave?

So, I've been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years now. We started living together about a year into our relationship. When he got accepted to USC, he really wanted me to come with him. At first I was not happy about the area where he wanted to live, and my parents offered me a place to stay (which wouldn't have been very far... about 45 mins to an hour depending on traffic). So I proposed living seperately and he wouldn't have it. As he put, "We're beyond that point in our relationship. I don't want to go backwards. If you deicide to move in with your parents, I don't think we're gonna last." Basically giving me an ultimatum. So I decided to just suck it up and trust his instincts because I love him.

When we originally moved out he had expected to be able to support the both of us for a little while. We both quit our jobs to move, and he had planned on being a full time student. I on the other had would be part-time student and find a job. Well it's been about 5 months and I still have not found a job and I know it's been taking it's toll on the relationship. I've been spending almost everyday filling out applications, and only a hand full of interviews have turned up. I've tried going into places, they tell me to go online. No places want you to call them. It's just been a nightmare. I've used every bit of savings and financial aid.

The is the last month he'll be able to pay as he's used up his aid as well, until January comes. I'm currently still trying to find something, and i'm just really shocked i haven't landed something. Especially since it's the holidays? At this point it's pretty obvious I probably won't find a job as the season is coming to an end.

So, with the knowledge of knowing that he's not okay with living a part, and knowing that more and more it looks like i'll have to go back home... I've been thinking maybe it's time for me to leave. With me off the lease he may be able to petition his aid for another
(sorry op got cut off) point is... we had planned on having a future together, and as much as i want to believe we'll get through this. I probably should just leave.


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  • your last sentence seems incomplete

    were you saying with you off the lease, he could get a roommate to help cover the lease?

    • I was going to say he would be able to petition his financial aid, and also possible get a roommate. He doesn't want roommates if it's me and him.

    • i would suggest that you talk to him about getting a roommate while you go live with your parents
      emphasize that it's a temporary arrangement until you can get a job

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