How to act in an awkward ex encounter?

Probably one of most people's fears... I'm going to be seeing my ex for the first time in a year next week at an event held by a mutual friend. I can't get out of it.

I ended things a year ago because he was messing about and since then we had one flirty encounter and he sends me snapchats a likes my pictures on social media but that's it. No other interaction. I still fancy him which makes it worse but I don't see how things can be fixed between us so there's no going back

As we have mutual friends and we are bound to have some kind of awkward encounter at this event how can I play this cool? I've had ex run-ins before but this particularly awkward for me! How can I face him after some of his questionable snapchats!

Some advice please so I don't look like an awkward gushing idiot


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  • act just like a friend


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