How do you help someone after they break up after 2 years?

A friend of mine broke up with her boyfriend after two years. Its been about a week (of course not enough time) and i want to help her get over it asap, he's already dating another girl after 5 days and its killing her. She went back and tried to get him back but he said he's over her etc. she's told me for thr past like 6 months that she wanted to end it and recently she tried to get him to break up with her but since he didn't she ended it. How do i help her through this the best abd asap?


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  • The important thing for you in particular as a guy is to not become her emotional sponge. Help her, sure but for God's sakes don't just soak it up and don't be her rebound. Unless you want to use the old "a shoulder to cry on becomes a dick to ride on" thing. Which you shouldn't but it's your choice.


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