Such a thing as a 3rd chance?

Just a quick question on people's thoughts...

If there is somebody who you once truly loved...that broke your heart...and you ran into them and gave them a 2nd chance to see if they could change(and no I'm not talking about being cheated on)...and one night it becomes clear that they didn't change so you pretty much move on...

What if they contact you apologizing about how they were and they still want to be with you...and deep inside you have a feeling they wouldn't change anything even after you told them what was wrong in the relationship b4...yet you also think that if they COULD change the things that tear you apart, you would be next to perfect for each other?

What would YOU do? Would you talk it out and give them a 3rd and final chance... or keep it over and move on, and start with someone new?

I personally believe in only second chances...and nobody should get a third...but part of me would hope that that certain someone could change their ways.


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  • Listen to that voice deep down. It is never wrong


What Guys Said 1

  • Of course there's a 3rd chance if you're willing to give it. Even 4th or 5th..sucka

    • Hmm did not mention I was willing to give. More trying to see what other people would do. I've already made up my mind b4 I posted this. sucka ;)

    • I meant "you" in general hehe.

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