What does she want from me?

My ex girlfriend has been trying to make me jealous for months. At first, she would see with walking towards them and start cuddling standing up and begging for his attention. Later on, she started coming up to my friends (and his. yeah him and I have the same friends) while I was there and spoke really loudly about how he picks her up from every class and how bothered she is that he's "late" to pick her up. Now, she likes to park right next to me every day, she gives me these nasty looks, and to top it off, she goes on Facebook, talks about me to her bfs friends in VA, and thinks I won't notice. I am the kind of person to confront someone, but I want to someday rekindle a friendship with my ex, so I don't want to say anything to her. Besides, its immature and I am better than that. What does she want from me? Any advice?

sorry you guys I meant my ex boyfriends girlfriend!


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  • It sounds like she wants you back. Or just to torment you. Girls can be bitches for no reason. GL :)

    • Correction: it sounds like she wants YOUR boyfriend back. :x

    • Whoops, just made sense of that. I think she's trying to make you jealous. Make she feels inatiquite and is trying to make up for it by making you suffer. She also might be territorial and feel that you are still a threat. If she keeps it up, maybe you should say something ot her?

    • I would totally say something to her, but then again I think that's what she wants. Besides, I don't hate my ex and although he did hurt me, he's not the one trying to make me jealou, so bicthing at her would only make the friendship between him and I suffer.

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