I want my friends back, but?

Its been a month now and things between me and my boyfriend are getting worse. Its been a week and he didn't bother texting me which makes me feel horrible! I've cut out my friends because im sad enough to do so :( i mean i know hanging out with them is supposed to cheer me up, but NO! Why? Cuz all they do is talk about their romantic lives and that reminds me of him and makes me wanna cry really! Thats why im doing my best avoiding them,, but i kinda miss them to be honest.. So i dont know.. Little help? A solution? Cuz i dont wanna lose them for good.. :( " please dont be mean"


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  • Make some single friends here and share with them


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  • I think you made the wrong choice. If your boyfriend is making you feel bad, dump him, and be with your friends. Your needs aren't being met, and you're isolated yourself. Don't complain, make changes.

    • How? They keep reminding me of him

    • I agree with @shadowlegend here. Don't let this guy be the anchor that takes you down. Forget him and his games. Get out and have fun with your friends

    • If you aren't with him, then you won't be in a sad relationship, that they will remind you of. Why stay in a relationship where you're miserable? Make yourself available to a new one, were you can see your friends, and feel happy about your relationship. You're choosing your own misery.

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