So ex girlfriend worried about me?

She left me for 3 months now. There were many upsides and dows after breakup (she regrets her decision etc). After saying that she's done with me (2 weeks ago), I got angry and didn't write anything back. She saw me with friends hanging out together, laughing and enjoying life. Two days later I didn't attend to class we're taking together. She asking if Im okay (she saw me 2 days ago fine, and laughing!), I said Im happier than ever, got over her and trying to get better as a person. She admits that she didn't stopped to love me, and still miss me. But she tried to make me get over her as she says. Anyways... Why did she write me? Because she's selfish or does she really thinking about getting back? Though she again stated that its over.( I dont need her at this point, but Im okay if she will make effort)


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  • Just because Two people Breakup doesn't mean they can't and don't Makeup and that it's Goodbye, my love forever. And with an EX who still Marks an X in her own softie spot here, dear, there is usually motive in mind down this love line when out of the Blue... She asking me if Im okay.
    She is seeing you Not being in a love sick way but Instead, in a 'Happier than ever' Way Every day, and it may be getting to her deep down as she hangs around. She is now finding this a challenge, a small chase at its best, that you are this juicy apple at the top of the 'Trying to get better as a person' tree, and it may even bother her that you have moved on, Forgetting Thee. I think she may have some Regrets but still cares about you in her own Way... Deep down. However, it seems if you were Not over her, trying to still get up with her, she would not be so attentive.
    Yes, selfish is right but 'At this point,' for now anyways, she is also Curious, just keeping an eye on the 'Sticky' situation that she has put you in and herself Seeing You... Enjoying life with no strife.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks a lot. Obviously I dont need her anymore as I stated, but I love her so much. Im the dumpee, son I won't beg at this point anymore, simply because the drug effect has gone. But Im not going the close the door in her face ^_^

    • Oh, so very welcome.. Perhaps best to remain friends or just civil right now then. xxoo

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