Do you think he will contact me again?

My ex and i were going out for 10 months till he dropped the bomb yesterday that he thinks we should break up. He started hanging out with his friends more and more which i think pushed him away from me because he is young dumb and just wants to have fun. Its funny cause just a week ago i caught him staring at me lovingly and saying "youre mine.. Forever" not in a creepy way lol but literally i thought everything was great between us. When he broke up he initially just wanted to do it through text and i said no and showed up at his place demanding him to tell me face to face. He couldnt even look me in the eye and any attempt to touch him or comfort him he would start to cry. Then he would get upset for crying and kept saying over and over "its too hard...". I think he's not at the right stage in his life to be fully committed to me but i know i mean a lot to him (im his first real relationship ever.. Met his family and friends.. the whole enchilada). His parents are divorced too so he most likely has comittment issues. I think he is very confused and is torn between one side the part that wants to have fun and be free and the other side of me. Anyway after the breakup i sent a bunch of angry hateful texts saying stuff like you didn't deserve me you let your friends influence you way too much to the point where u lost a good loyal girl you're selfish i wouldve never hurt u the way u hurt me ever blah blah. So i felt bad because i didn't want to end things like that so the next day i apologized expecting that he wouldn't reply which he didn't. However today he texted me saying "dont apologize. Its ok to be mad" then "im glad you sent those texts". Why would he be glad? Cause i expressed all my anger and he deserved it? He probably doesn't want me to blame myself. I don't know why did he even have to text me back wouldn't it just be easier on him to just ignore me like he has been? Im not going to text him back and won't have any contact for at least 30 days. Also he turned his facebook chat offline which is weird because it always shows he's online. Maybe he doesn't want to see my name pop up... I don't know what do you guys think? he's very competitive and when we first started talking i rejected him and it made him more motivated to pursue me so i feel like ignoring him will make him want me back. I just dont see how he can throw away what weve had and will come to his senses. I dont know...


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