How do I get MY girl back? She doesn't entirely hate me, she said she would talk to me everyday & walk w/ me and hang w/ me in school still. HELPPP?

Okay so me & my ex have been basically together for 1 year and 3 months. But not necessarily bc last year (my junior year) we dated for 8 months before she found out that i technically cheated. I say techncally bc I didn't have any sexual intercourse w/ anyone i just asked a girl for a nude&lied about it. I lied about it for a month. All of it was stupid of me. I regret it still&we r going on a year from when it happened. I hurt about it all! I was her first love, first kiss. We went a whole summer w/o talkin 2 eachother. I tried getting w/ her multilpe times n the summer. We hung out once n the summer & i tried makin my move. It didn't work. She hated me still. When our senior year started she was talking 2 a guy (idk if its because i wasn't talkin 2 her daily or what) i found out & got upset. a month & a half later i text her just 2 talk which lead 2 her comin over & me & her sat in the car & talked about everything as bestfriends. I didn't think she wanted me back so i didn't make any moves. When she got home she told me she wanted to work things out w/ me. So we did. She told me she never stopped loving or missing me. Her parents found out we were talking again & grounded her. Everytime she was caught w/ me she got n trouble. But she never gave up on me... Yesterday her brother told her that me & one of her friends talked n the summer, she asked me about it and i told her the truth. She told me she was done bc i didn't tell her before we started talking again. i didn't tell her bc i didn't want 2 ruin her friends relationship. she said she didn't care. Me & her have been through so much & i know for a fact that she loves me a lot. she says she doesn't want to give me a chance or come back to me. i think she's talking out of anger though bc she loves me too much and i love her WAY TOO much. i told her no matter if she's w/ me or not the promise i made w/ her this yea im KEEPING! im goin 2 always remind her about us & our love. with help or not im not leaving her or giving up...
& No I don't only want her for how she makes me. I love her for millions of reasons and I want her for million of reasons. For those who will just say "let her go" or "give up" do not bother commenting because I WILL NOT LEAVE. I promised her to ALWAYS stay and I will not break no promises.


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  • you only want her back because of the emtional attachment is too painful to severe. its not a reason to stay or prusue someone

  • Give up. That's too much drama.


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