Anyone have any good advice to get over someone when things ended abruptly and for no reason?

I'll fill you guys in with my situation:

Honestly, I should be able to get over this myself but for some reason, it is bothering quite a bit. I went on a couple of dates with this girl and things seemed to have gone really well; she seemed as if she was really into me and we both seemed to like each other.
Where did it go wrong? Well after our second date, I brought her home and when it was time to leave, she leaned in and gave me a kiss. Nothing wrong there, I thought a third date was going to happen for sure. I text her the next day asking when she wants to hang out again and she said she was busy that weekend but next week was fine.

No worries, I ask her if a certain day works, no response for a day. I ask a day later the same question, no response for two days. I ask if something went wrong, she says no she was just busy. I ask the same question, two more days go by without response. Finally, I give up, give her a goodbye text and that's that.
This is definitely a first for me and all my friends are confused as to why she just suddenly stopped texting me back. Many things could've happened; she could've met someone else, lost her phone (unlikely) or hundreds of other things. However, I think we all know that regarless of the situation, no one is ever that busy. With all that being said, this situation is still bugging me a lot as this is a first for me and I honestly have no clue what happened. Any tips/advice to help me move on because I hate dwelling about stuff like this.

Also, if someone wants more details to give me better advice, I am willing to that to.



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  • go out and get social if you stay alone you will think about it


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