I can't force myself to move on?

So a couple of years back, I started to like this girl but she didn't like me and just wanted to be friends. I didn't get over it properly for a long time. I have liked other girls in the time but none like this one. We still talk and she is friendly but I know that I should move on but I can't because no other girls seem interested at all in me even for friendship. This doesn't really help the matter because now I have zero confidence. I've tried stop talking to her but she stills considers me a friend so I feel obliged to talk back because I don't want to upset her. Do I need to be more ruthless or what?


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  • Try to ask her out.

  • How did she reject you exactly? Did you actually ask her straight out? Sometimes if you say it in a jokey way a girl won't think your serious about wanting to date her and that can hurt her feelings. If you explain it a bit more I will try and give you a more indepth answer but I do know where your coming from. My guy friend showed interest in me when we were in high school and so we got teased, I was embrassed so I gave him the cold shoulder and but up a front so to speak to stop the teasing. I have feelings for him and I want to tell him but he is avoiding me and not talking to me and now we are in different colleges. So now I don't know if I should move on or not, I've tried to force myself but it isn't working for me either and I can't seem to push him from my mind. I think you will hurt her deeply if you become ruthless. When was the last time you hung out with her? If you don't hang out together anymore it maybe easier to move on but moving on doesn't mean you have to hurt her.


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