What is my ex's new girlfriend thinking?

im make my story as shortest as possible

me and my boyfriend, are fixing are relationship this past 6 months bc we broke up last yr
he and his friend gotten close bc, the friend's boyfriend dumped her. my boyfriend turned into her shoulder to cry on..


i saw my boyfriend's (now my ex) friend in the restroom of the school, she kinda looks tense and in a hurry when she saw me.. that was like 3 weeks ago... she knows me by the way, we never really talk.. but my boyfriend (ex) showed her my pics before..

then last Friday my ex broke up with me, because he started to have feeling for her..

then today i saw her in school, we both go to nursing school, she just looks at me, she's with her guy classmates (they dont know me, I don't know them either) going downstairs
(i look cute sexy and cute today, so thanks for her classmates for checking me out lol,)

well the guys are looking at me hahaha. she just stares at me, I don't know what she's thinking but whatever, then when she's at the door, she started texting, prolly texting my ex.. prolly saying i saw your ex.

but yeah whatever


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  • isn't it normal?


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