She broke up with me and I need some help?

So a little bit about me, im in my 2nd year and a current national athlete ( swimmer) of 11 years and on going. In sept i met this girl on the swim team and we hooked up at a beach party and began dating for about 3 months. And during this time it'd be an understatement to say i was happy cuz i was literally on top of the world haha. Things were good we hung out all the time, studied together and went on many adventures. I continously tried to be the best person i could be for her just so i could show her i cared and wasn't possesive, or needy etc. But it all came to an end on Dec 3rd.. when she told me i was shocked as her reasons were : school wasn't that great with her marks, it was her 1st year and felt lonely and wanted friends and lastlyshe felt awkward/ uncormfortable at the pool as people were teasing her about me :/

So its been a week since and I've gotten through the worst part of realizing that i won't be waking up tp her smile in the morning which sucks and now i just miss her.
I'm doing my best to not think about her but i think its normal to think of her anyway as the idea of "maybe she'll come back" buzzes through my mind from time to time.

We shared some great times and personally I felt we had something special and i believe she did too.

So my questions are : from what I've told you, do you think she was ashamed to be with me?
Do you think she could come back?
I don't want to end on a bad note and still would like to be at least friends, how do-
-I go on about that?


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  • I think she just wanted out, because she potentially didn't see it going anywhere. I'm sure you had wonderful times like you've stated but on the positive, it's better she broke it off now then later, when you'd be even more attatched right? People come and go all the time, to be honest you have to give yourself TIME, you can't jump into being friends right away, it doesn't work like that. You need to give yourself time to heal and then become "friends". You can tell her you've accepted and respected her decision, but in the future you'd like to be friends.

  • well tell her how you feel


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