Do you think annulments should cover more things?

So for those of you that don't know an annulment is basically like breaking up with someone you're married to. But it doesn't carry the same legal crap that a divorce does. It's basically like it never happened so everyone gets their assets back that they brought into the marriage and walks away. No splitting things up. I just heard a story recently of one person telling the other that they wanted kids when they got married. Eventually they did get married and then after months the person told them they didn't want kids anymore even though the other still did. I feel like that really screwed the other person over because now they have to decide between never ever having kids or going through the painful process of a divorce and I just think annulments should cover things like that. They were going into the marriage with some majorly distorted truths. Most places still would not consider that good enough excuse for an annulment and it would still have to be a divorce. What do you think, do you think annulments should cover more things than it does?
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