Why is he acting this way?

Me and my ex broke up over a month ago, after I asked to get back with him we had a row and he said he was never getting back with me and had moved on and was going to meet and be dating other girls and I had to date people too. I was like fine I'm not happy about it but I respect your decision. I've never asked him back since but he always finds ways to bring it up, I asked him how his mum was and he went on an hour long rant about how he was never getting back with me, I was like that's fine I'm not talking about that. Later he found out I was going on a date and was asking all about it and a week later I asked to hang out as mates and he told me he met someone and they had so much in common and how happy he was after one date. I congratulated him and said I was happy for him, one week on it has fallen through.
Anytime I ask to hang out with him he tells me it's a bad idea, that we will only end up having sex, even though I have told him multiple times I don't want too, what is going on in his head? He can't seem to talk to me without getting angry, when I have him space he couldn't get off the phone and wanted naked pics, how do I sort this out?


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  • he doen't want you


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