Why can't I stop thinking about my ex?

I broke up with him. He had issues. It was too hard to deal with. I knew, In my head, that I needed to get out of the relationship. Emotionally, I was dumbbbb and didn't want to. I forced myself to break up with him, yet still think about him occasionally. How do i get him out of my head?


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  • First things first, why did you leave him, if you love him? There is no such thing as forcing yourself, obviously you didn't love him enough so you choose to BU. You just miss your memories, not him. Focus on something and drug effect will be long gone.

    • I left him because of his problems. I don't want to speak ill of him, but he had problems with family, drinking, and handled issues with aggression.

      Thanks for responding, by the way!

    • But you could help him instead of leaving. I dont think you love him, so dont be sad. Just find a guy which you can love fullest and be supportive no matter what!

      Best wishes =) !

    • Thanks for the advice! It made me feel a lot better =)

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