Is it better to show activity or completely defriend him?

We were together for about 6 months... and then he dumped me. I haven't said anything to him but i have been posting pictures and other things on facebook to show i am not sad and im having fun. It's been more than two weeks now, should i just continue with the activity or completely defriend him? At first with the break up, of course I want him back... now im not sure if i would or wouldn't if he came crawling back. Either way if he comes back or not, i just want to show him im not hurt... whats the best way to get under his skin?


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  • there is no need for mind games. you are making your self "look happy" ? to get under his skin , yet you want to see him crawl back , and yet you don't know if you'll take him back.
    What is it like in your head? that sounded like three different people in less than 30 seconds of writing. that was a total chaotic crazy rant.

    You need to do absolutely nothing he doesn't need insanity and you need to take a break from thinking.
    it is time to stop the social media only idiots post what they do to make themselves seemingly look like their lives are even a bit remotely interesting on hopes other homely people "like" or care. when you know deep down they don't care at all. they are too busy doing the same.

    move on he has better people to meet


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  • For your emotional well-being and to help you finally move on, I say delete him. It's been 6 months and I doubt he would even notice that. And as for the crawling back part... We all wished for that at some point but that simply does not happen.


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  • To do nothing. Move on and forget him. Its also hard to get under someone's skin if they don't care about you


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