Does my ex still love me? Is this girl a rebound? And why won't he give me my things back?

So my boyfriend and I broke up properly about 2 weeks ago. I've been told he's kissed this girl, not sure if they've slept together. He sends me photos of her saying look how sexy she is. He will call me when he's with her and say he's getting his dick wet. Things that I don't want to hear from someone I love. Is this just to get back at me? Or does he actually like her and want to be with her? They keep saying it's none of my business what he's doing and I don't have a right to know. So they are making it very suss for me to find out what is actually going on. My ex declines my calls, and when he does answer he screams at me and calls me names. The other day I got a text saying he needs to get over me it's killing him and as much as he says he hates me, he couldn't and never will but I need to let go.. That text really confused me because he's been telling me for so long he hates me and doesn't love me and blah blah. So does he still love me? Another thing, he gets other people to contact me for him. His mates call me off private and don't speak just to listen to what I'm doing. Or they will call and be mean to me. He also won't give me my things back. I've been asking for a month now and he keeps saying when he's ready. But why won't he give it to me? I want my things back so I can finally move on. Please help! It's a weird situation I'm in and I'm hurting so much. Just not sure where his head is at.


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  • Hi dear i work as a psychic reader and ihave sympathized with your story. Iwould to to offer my help if you're interested


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  • Get far away from the guy. He's cheated. She's not a rebound because he already found her before you two were even done. If he comes back it'll only be when this falls through but do you really want to be a second choice?

    • Okay so my ex, his best friends girlfriend. The girl my ex kissed is the sister or the best friends girlfriend. If that makes sense. So they known each other for a month I think. We had broken up around start of November, then got back together for a few weeks but broke up again for good this time. I'm trying to find out if they kissed before we got back together, or during we were together or after we broke up for good. But no one will tell me the truth. His good friend that really respects me is going to be finding out everything for me and will tell me. But my ex can not tell me himself. Does he just want to keep me around in case things don't work out? Like I'm so confused. Everything was so great and he broke up with me in such an asshole way. No reasons or nothing and i was left feeling worthless and hopeless. But we got back together and then he did the same thing again.

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    • You should respect his wishes and move on. He sounds like he's being mean because he doesn't really want to be with you.

    • Yeah he's told me numerous times that he loves me but doesn't want to be in a relationship anymore. We had some crazy ups and downs but we always worked through them. I just thought I was worth fighting for. The girl he's been kissing or whatever, she's on a break with her boyfriend. So I'm pretty sure they are both using each other to fill the little void they are missing. I just miss my man and I don't want to accept it's over.

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  • Forget your stuff and don't answer his calls. This guy is off the deep end.

    • I call him constantly as well though. I want my things and I also want a proper good bye which I deserve. I want to be able to think happy memories when I think of him, not he's the guy that broke my heart and fucked me up.

    • He's holding your stuff for ransom. The ransom is your constant attention. If he gives it to you he looses your attention. Your best bet is to not give him the ransom.

    • Mmm okay so that's why he's been telling me the past month he will drop it off when he's ready. But he has told me many times we are done forever and never getting back together and I will never change and all this stuff. Does he just want to keep me around? I don't understand. I'm so confused.

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  • He sounds mean and immature! What a childish boy :/ But no, I don't think he is over you at all, I think he loves you very much. But this is not the way to show it! Do you want him back?


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