What would you say to a crazy ex girlfriend who thinks you moved to her college because of her?

well I created one awkward situation by going off to college this January and what makes it funny is that I didn't even know she went to this college , I though she went to the university downtown instead . but no she goes to the same college as me and likely thinks I moved here cause of her and she thinks that I stalk her so of course this is the ultimate clincher on that one if I moved 5 hrs away to be at the same college as her , even though yeah I didn't know she even went here , well yeah its one awkward situation if anything .


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  • Date someone else, that should stop her. If you can, ignore her, the silent treatment if you have to.

    • That will just make her jealous I bet if I date someone else . I don't know the whole thing is just driving me nuts and now that I know she's at this school its just freaking me out but its so big I almost never see her or her friends but just knowing she's here is a lot to deal with

    • You can't run away. Time will heal all wounds. Maybe find a hobby? Take up something social, like ballroom? or fencing? or some other club. It's good that it's a big school. Trust me, this will all pass, just find something to occupy your time.

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